Backing-up your Emails in Apple Mail

These instructions are for backing-up your email on Mavericks (OS10.9), if you are using an older version of Apple Mail the set-up process may differ slightly from what is shown below.

New Mailbox

Firstly you need to create a new mailbox on your Mac to backup offline mails.

You can create a new mailbox by going to Mailbox -> New Mailbox...

From here you will need to name your mailbox and make sure the location as On My Mac.

You can now copy emails and folders to this mailbox for backing up your mail.

Export Email

Once you have copied all the mail you want to backup into this folder, you can right mouse click on it and click Export Mailbox...

Choose the location you want to back up to and select to Export all subfolders if it is required.

You can now go to the folders location and copy you .mbox file to a cloud storage solution for an offsite backup (eg Dropbox, Google Drive, Copy, Tresorit, etc).