Backing-up your Emails in Outlook

These instructions are for backing-up your email on Outlook 2013, if you are using an older version of Outlook the set-up process may differ slightly from what is shown below.

Account Settings

To create a backup of your existing file structure in Outlook including all your folders, begin by clicking file > Open & Export as shown in the above screenshot.

Once you are here, select the option Import/Export which will open a new window in-front of Outlook, this is called the Import/Export Wizard

Import/Export Wizard

If you already have a backup file, please continue down to Restoring a Backup

From the Import/Export Wizard you will find a number of options, at the moment we are looking to create a backup. To do this, select the option Export to a file and click next as shown below.

When you click next you will find two more options, Comma Separated Values and Outlook Data File, select Outlook Data Files and click next.

Selecting what to backup

Now that you have chosen the format that you want to export your files as, you will see a menu listing all the accounts you have configured on Outlook. Make sure to select the top level for the account as this will backup all of your emails, contacts and calendar entries stored under that account. Make sure to select the checkbox to include subfolders.

Saving your backup file

Now that you've selected what you want to backup, it's time to save the file. Select somewhere where you can find the file easily.

When saving your file we suggest using the option Replace duplicates with items exported as this option will prevent a possibility for loss of data.

Once you've set this and clicked finish you will be prompted to enter a password for the backup file. You can leave this blank but if you should set a password it is important that the password is something you will remember.

Once you've set your password you will find a file in your storage location with your given name backup by default.

Restoring a backup

Choosing the correct format

Now that you have created your backup file, you will want to import the data back into Outlook. To do this, return to the Import/Export Wizard from File > Open & Export.

From the window you will again see a number of options only this time you will want to select Import from another program or file. Select this option and then click next.

When you click next you will find two more options, Comma Separated Values and Outlook Data File, select Outlook Data File and click next.

Next you will need to locate your backup file from earlier. Click the button Browse and navigate the new window to the location of your backup file. Select this file and click Open. Again, we recommend selecting Replace duplicates with items imported.

Once you've taken these steps, click Finish. At this stage you will be prompted for the password that you entered earlier. Enter your password and click ok.

Importing your data

Now that you've opened your backup file you will be able to view its contents as demonstrated in the above image.

Select the account you want to import your backed-up data to by selecting the account from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the window where your accounts are listed.

When you're happy with your selections click Finish.

That's it, all of your data has been re-imported into Outlook. You will see under the account you just imported to all of your folders from the backup including your inbox and sent folders, your contacts and calendar along with any additional folders you may have set-up.