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Setting-up your Emails in Mozilla Thunderbird

These instructions are for setting-up your email on Apple (OS10.9) Thunderbird 24.5.0, if you are using an older version of Thunderbird the set-up process may differ slightly from what is shown below.

Initial Setup

Firstly, open up Thunderbird then click on the "Hamburger" menu -> then go to Options -> Account Settings...

Click on Account Actions -> Add Mail Account...

You can now fill in your basic information for your mail account.

Click continue, then as soon as Thunderbird starts to search for your mail's configuration - click on Manual Config.

Fill in your mailbox details depending on whether you want to set up a POP or IMAP account.


You can then click Done and the account will be created. If you are using POP, you are now finished. If you're using IMAP you will need to configure the settings below.

Configuring IMAP settings

If you go back to the Menu -> Tools -> Account Settings...

Go to the Server Settings for the account and click on Advanced (highlighted in the image below).

You will need to set your IMAP server directory as:


Then press OK and go back to your Inbox.

Right mouse click on your inbox and select Subscribe... - then make sure that you are subscribed to all the folders.

Then click OK and your folders will be set up on the server.