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Setting-up your Emails in Windows Live Mail

These instructions are for setting-up your email on Windows Live Mail 2012, if you are using an older version of Windows Live Mail the set-up process may differ slightly from what is shown below.

Initial Setup

Go to File -> Options -> Email accounts...

Click on Add...

Select the Email Account type and click next

You will then need to fill in your basic account details.

You will then need to fill in your account details using the following information


You're account should now verify and be set up. The next steps are only needed if you are setting up an IMAP account.

IMAP Setup

Select your account in the sidebar and then click the Accounts tab and then click on Properties

Go to the IMAP tab and change the Root folder path to "INBOX" and untick "Store special folders on IMAP server".

When you return to your Inbox it should now properly format the folders in the sidebar.